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3DMEDiTech is working aggressively to unite experts, ideas, and execution in the fight against COVID-19.  Government, medtech manufacturers and universities alongside doctors and hospitals on the front line have historically come together to solve problems and produce outcomes to overcome challenges like COVID-19.  3DMEDiTech’s capability is already in action and we want to help everywhere we can.

  • 3DMEDiTech has the infrastructure to support design and rapid prototyping of medical devices or related components.
  • Our Team has expertise ranging from design to manufacturing, using state-of-the -art 3D printing technologies and we’re accustomed to doing “whatever it takes”
  • In less than 48 hrs we have researched, designed, and printed two COVID-19 related products – a Pressure Modulation Diffuser and Test Kit Swabs
  • We’re creating a platform for people around Australia and globally to submit ideas that we can help make a reality through our design and rapid manufacturing capability
  • We’re rapidly assembling a community panel of medical, government, university, and industry experts to prioritise ideas and put them into action.

Our current projects to help fight COVID-19 and support the front line Healthcare works:

Pressure Modulation Diffuser (Spacer) for HAZMAT suits

3DMEDiTech is working with Melbourne University and the Austin Hospital to Design a better Pressure Modulation Diffuser used in the ventilation system of the HAZMAT suits worn by clinicians treating infected patients.  The idea was born on Sunday morning and initial parts went into action on Tues afternoon.

Testing Kits for COVID-19

3DMEDiTech, through our global network of leading medtech solution providers, accessed the latest open-source designs coming out of Harvard and Silicon Valley, real-time, and begin 3D printing and testing swab designs in 24 hours. Isolation and testing are the key tools in limiting the spread of COVID-19. A unified 3D printed shaft and tip design, coupled with 3DMEDiTech’s ISO certified clean room medical device production facility will enable 3DMEDiTech to begin to production of this vital part in a matter of days.

We are also working on:

Respiratory Ventilators

 Even under the most optimistic scenario, COVID-19 will pose a significant challenge and Australia will not have enough ventilators to help patients who suffer serious respiratory disease resulting from the virus. Overwhelmed health services here are now desperately seeking additional mechanical ventilators but existing suppliers simply can’t ramp up fast enough to meet this need.

3DMEDiTech is part of an informal Ventilator Acceleration Team along with Melbourne University and a number of Victorian hospitals. The Ventilator Acceleration Team will select the most efficient design and get to work producing these urgently needed devices.  3D Printing and 3DMEDiTech’s medical device expertise, combined with our ISO certified clean room production facilities will be key to making this happen.

 Our Chairman is also on the MTAA working group for Ventilators focussed on providing the Federal Government with advice around the Ventilator supply chain and logistics issues.

14 days ago, France had 1,700 COVD-19 cases, or the same number of cases Australia currently has. Today France has 15,000 cases and is desperately short of ventilators to help ICU patients breathe. 3DMEDiTech wants to make sure, regardless of infection rates, Australian COVD-19 patients have access to ventilators.

How you can help?

We want to work with people who face COVID-19 challenges and have ideas that’ll make a difference. We will bring our expertise and panel together to refine, improve, design and then rapidly manufacture devices and equipment to help fight against COVID-19.

Submit your idea, in whatever detail you have available. 3DMEDiTech and our panel will be in touch within hours to discuss the application and how we can work together in the fight against COVID-19.