Innovative manufacturing solutions

for the healthcare industry




Message from the Managing Director

Australia deserves to have a world-class healthcare industry.

For patients, this should include reasonable access to precision engineered, customised medical devices. For healthcare providers, this should include access to globally competitive, technologically advanced supply chains.

Unfortunately, this has not been the reality.
When it comes to realising the advantages of 3D printing technologies, the Asia-Pacific region has trailed Europe and North America.

Until now.

3DMEDiTech™ is planning to establish a state-of-the-art 3D printing facility that will revolutionise the regional healthcare industry across the Asia Pacific. We will be Australia’s first, and only, large-scale manufacturer of customisable 3D printed medical and healthcare devices.

Our manufacturing technologies will dramatically reduce patient waiting periods for customised devices, and maximise supply chain efficiencies for hospitals and clinics.

As Australian 3D printing pioneers, we will expand local manufacturing capabilities and the industry’s knowledge base, investing in research and development and creating new high-skilled jobs.

But, most importantly, our innovative manufacturing capabilities will help improve the health and wellbeing of Australians.

Paul Docherty
Managing Director

About Us

3D printing is revolutionising healthcare manufacturing.

The mass-manufacture of customisable medical devices is now a reality.

3DMEDiTech™ is Australia’s first 3D printing company with the scale and capabilities to deliver world-class manufacturing solutions for the healthcare industry. By producing customised healthcare devices locally and at scale, 3DMEDiTech™ will dramatically reduce patient waiting periods, and maximise supply chain efficiencies for hospitals and clinics.

To achieve these outcomes 3DMEDiTech™ are developing 3D printing technologies, know-how, and engineering to produce lighter, stronger, customised devices.

It is by combining these unique capabilities with the expertise of our leading clinical partners, 3D engineering specialists, software engineers and process engineers, that 3DMEDiTech™ is able to offer a full end-to-end manufacturing solutions approach.