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Joint Research Training Centre for Medical Technologies

3DMEDiTech (a BRC Group company) and University of Melbourne today have established the Joint Research Training Centre (JRTC) for Medical Technologies.

Co-located at the University of Melbourne as well as 3DMEDiTech’s advanced manufacturing facility in Port Melbourne, the JRTC will enable PhD students and biomedical engineering researchers to develop and apply their innovations within a commercial setting.

Paul Docherty: “Together with the Victorian Government, which has provided significant support to the JRTC concept, we are committed to building our knowledge economy through the creation of a world class Med

Tech innovation facility, designed with the objective of being the number one personalised medical device research centre in the world.”

The JRTC will…

By facilitating the development of our Victorian researchers, BRC is creating jobs for the future and – most importantly – we’re improving lives right across the country.


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